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CA SERVICES Is a company established in March 2009. Its owner and General Manager is Claudio Astudillo, with extensive experience in the industrial and mining areas.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services including earth moving and civil works, machinery, equipment and light vehicle rental in addition to maintenance and repair of structures and industrial and mining equipment.

The Company is formed by diverse professionals with more than 15 years of work experience in the Construction and Services areas in the medium and large copper mining industry.

We are committed to solving our clients problems in a transparent and effective manner to become their trusted partner. In our vision we expect to be a leading company, which advances in accordance to the changing technology and society. This work should be perfomed in way that is ethical and satisfactory to us, our customers and to the rest of the society.


Incorporating the latest technologies according to the companies needs in order to  increase their competitiveness and productivity. For this purpose we will implement practical solutions tailored to their requirements and develope new creative solutions. Our basis is the experience of our employees.